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We are delighted to announce that we have had 6 radio class members sit for their Amateur Radio Operators Certificate over the weekend 30-31 October 2004, and they have all been successful. Some are going on to gain competency in Morse code also. We look forward to having their participation in amateur radio activities in the near future.

Class of '04 - Ron Falconer, Lois Todd, Ross Dickie (inset Jason Rabbidge),
Andrew Chalmers, Veronica Williams.

Heidi McKenzie ZL4HAM who trained in the 2003 class was awarded the Youth Achievement Certificate and also the Young Amateur of the Year Certificate by NZART this year.

If you are interested in attending these training classes or whish to enquire, please contact us. The classes cost $60 and are held yearly between late March and early October. Classes are usually held every Monday night at the Gore Town and Country Club. You can contact Alan Falconer,  ZL-4AF (03) 208 7335 or Dick Whyte,  ZL-4AQ (03) 208 6793 for more details about our very successful amateur radio classes.


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