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Branch 08 operates a 2 metre repeater “Gore 695” situated on the Hokonui Hills not far from the “High Peak” site. It was this proximity to other telecommunications sites  that resulted in continued interference received by our Hamtronics repeater. We had two site visits with technicians and installed and bonded two new 19” racks, but all to no avail. We installed another temporary repeater and found that the problems disappeared overnight.

The decision was made to purchase a new repeater. With generous support from Icom New Zealand, we purchased a new UR-FR5000 repeater. This was installed and after some initial ‘testing’ of programming features, it has never missed a beat. There is no tone access on the repeater input, but a tone of 123hz is on the repeater output. This can be a useful feature especially when mobile and your squelch level is broken by other RF means. It also gives a clean no tail cut-off after transmission from the repeater has finished. The repeater is solar powered and so there is a time-out timer programmed into the repeater set at 7 minutes.
The AX.25 packet repeater situated on Pukerau Hill has been decommissioned. We are investigating other uses for this site. 

We have installed our part of the National System Repeater network, 439.875 + 5 mhz split.  It is at our clubrooms site at Latham Road, East Gore. We have found it is giving excellent coverage to Gore, West Otago and Northern Southland.

Good base station coverage is achieved in Invercargill. A ctcss tone of 123hz is on the local node repeater output frequency. 

National System Coverage from East Gore Site


Gore 695 Repeater


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Updated: 15-08-2018

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